>> How many hours do I have to spend planning to get ready to start freelancing?

Let me tell you a little secret: If you focus on planning your business with the help of the Work for YouTM Planner, you could have your plan up and running in 7-10 days. But that is when the real fun actually starts!

>> I barely have time to do everything I need to do. How will I find time to work on such a huge project?

One step at a time. Going up a 500-step staircase may seem like an unreachable task - or at least one you can't find the energy to accomplish.

But what if I told you that you just have to go up one step? And then, another one. And another. And so until you hit all 500 steps. Doesn't it seem easier now?

Well, that's what the Work for YouTM Planner will help you with! Your planner will teach you how to prioritize and plan your weeks so that you actually have the time that you need. 

>> How can I make sure that I am financially safe while freelancing?

Let me be brutally honest here: You can't. There are ways to make it as safe as possible, though:

  • The Work for YouTM Planner will help you set a budget and your revenue goals.
  • This financial plan will be key for you to calculate the minimum rates & prices you should ask for to reach your revenue goals and keep your freelancing lifestyle as fancy as you wish.

>> What happens if I realize that I don't like being self-employed?

Not everyone is made for a freelance life! There are many people who'd rather have a predictable life with their paycheck at the end of the month.

Now, if you dream of becoming a freelancer but you realize that it isn't for you, you should be more than happy to figure it out as soon as possible.

And yes, you can still use your planner for your private goals. No worries!

Work for You Planner

>> Which countries do you deliver to?

  • Digital Planner: You can purchase the digital version of the Work for You™️ from anywhere in the world.
  • Softcover Planner: Most areas in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Hardcover Planner: Due to the high shipping rates currently available, we only deliver to USA, Canada , and Mexico. However, if you live in another country and want to get a hardcover copy of the Work for YouTM Planner, please contact or feel free to get it on

>> When will I get my planner?

All planners should ship within 3-5 business days of placing an order, but it could be longer during peak seasons.

Due to the nature of printing and manufacturing, quantities are extremely limited, especially hardcover copies. We strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible to guarantee your copy, as all planner orders are shipped out in the order they are received.

Committing to a planner is a big decision, and I want you to feel confident with your purchase! Please take the time to review all photos in detail, confirm that the size and dimensions will suit your needs, and check whether your shipping information is correct before submitting your order.

>> What is your return policy?

The hardcover planner will be shipped to you by Vervante in partnership with the Work for You Shop.

If you would like to return your planner, please make a copy of its packing slip and return the copy with the product to: 

   Vervante Returns
   400 North Geneva Road, STE C
   Lindon, UT 84042

When Vervante receives your return, they will notify us, and we will process the refund usually within 7 days.

If you wish to return the softcover planner, please contact me at indicating your name and order number (SPK-XXX).

Gift Cards

>> What happens after I buy a gift card?

* DIGITAL Gift Cards: You will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that you can use at checkout to redeem its value. Just forward the gift card email to the person you'd like to receive it.

* PHYSICAL Gift Cards: You will receive a confirmation email, and the gift card will arrive at the address you indicated during the checkout process.

>> Can I use a gift card more than once if my purchase costs less than the gift card value?

    Sure! A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order. Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order, which can include taxes and shipping.

    When you want to redeem your gift card, the checkout displays one of the following options:

    • If the balance available on the gift card is greater than or equal to the order total, your can click Complete order.

    • If the balance available on the gift card is less than the order total, you will be prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance before placing the order.